Batik fabric Rotterdam handwritten with canting

Batik fabric Rotterdam the best quality of handmade from Indonesian. Rotterdam is a Dutch gemeente located in the province of South Holland. We, batik dlidir is a company providing quality batik. Both in terms of materials and quality motif or staining.

By using staining mainstay of the natural color, can produce indigo color that is hard to be imitated by chemical colors. And this is what we stretcher in batik featuring real to you.

For quality materials, batik dlidir using basic materials primisima cotton fabric. Entrusting a textile factory original made Indonesia the country specifically to cater in batik making. Apart from good to wear, cotton primisima also durable in the long term.

Batik dlidir continue to explore the potential of cultural solo and around Jogja. Especially for the area batik-like Plupuh, botoseno (Masaran), Bayat (Klaten), Imogiri (Bantul) and Yogyakarta city as well as solo. The beauty of the motif is created naturally by the local population. That’s the motto we always put forward to the world community.

Batik fabric Rotterdam for the best quality

Batik fabric Rotterdam the best quality for you. We are batik dlidir, a company engaged in quality control. In addition to maintaining cotton, fitting motif for a work of art is always we are prioritizing. Here are examples of original batik jogja that exist in our company.

Batik fabric Rotterdam

For details about other batik can click Indonesian batik fabric. This is the real batik, a long cultural achievement wong solo and Jogja. Not just fabric, but a long history of world-level witnesses artwork. If some countries have an amazing heritage, then solo and Jogja has BATIK. An intellectual property portrayed or expressed in a cloth.
The advantage that you get in dealing with us, batik dlidir:

1. The authenticity of batik and quality ingredients. We show the real picture, or can see the video.

2. The price is fairly reasonable, because we only act as batik cloth merchant. Batik usually supplied from residents Brotoseno, Masaran and jogja. Brotoseno addition, some of the Plupuh village which is famous for its batik.

3. Reach delivery throughout the world. Nearly five years we interact directly in the business of transportation or delivery. So that already understand very well about the ins and outs of the best transportation.

4. Ready stock, we try always there, InsyaAlloh. It is important, given the need for an original fashion every time of need.

5. You can directly visit the booth collection of batik solo and our jogja. With an address on the street colonel Sugiyono number 67, solo. Or rather in our company batik dlidir.

For information or to whatsapp message to +62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir.
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Sale Batik fabric Rotterdam , we send from solo, Indonesia

Batik is everyday for us solo and surrounding residents. From its location on the street kolonel Sugiyono no.67 solo Indonesia, we can tell the whole world. So that the world community can share our culture through a piece of batik fabric.

Batik is a historical, cultural and economic solo in particular, the world in general. Batik is a fabric whose construction illustrated specifically by writing or menerakan nights at the cloth. Then processing is processed in a certain way that uniqueness.

Batik Indonesia, as the overall engineering, technology, and development and related cultural motifs. By UNESCO has designated as Cultural Heritage Humanity’s Oral and non-material (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity) since 2 October 2009. Similarly explanation from wikipedia, article about this culture.

Batik fabric Rotterdam from solo

Batik fabric Rotterdam, Techniques of batik from solo. What is meant by the technique of batik making is the process of the work process from preparation to become batik cloth. The preparatory work includes all the work on the cloth until ready made batik. Step – step stages as nggirah / ngetel (wash), nganji (starches), ngemplong (flatiron, kalendering. While the process of making batik covering the work of making batik, which actually consists of sticking wax batik on fabric to create a motif, coloring batik (dyes, dab , painting / painting, printing), the latter is the removal of the wax from the fabric. (Sewan Susanto, 1974).

To make batik motif can be done by means that are handwritten with canting write (batik). Using the stamp of copper is called batik. And by the way made motif on the printing machine (batik printing).

Batik cloth is patterned batik fabric motif created / drawn by way of sticking a candle (night). While the batik fabric is patterned fabric / patterned batik. But the motive was not drawn by sticking wax batik, usually with textile printing machine.

Technology batik in Indonesia in general, in particular solo in principle based on the “Resist Dyes Technique” (Technical dye Steeplechase) where the original preparation is done by way of tie-dye motifs are very simple, then use the color barrier substance. At first as a barrier substance used glutinous rice porridge, and then found a substance stranglehold of the night (wax) and used until now.

Meaning of Batik fabric Rotterdam from solo

Meaning of Batik fabric Rotterdam from solo and jogja cities. There are two cities that have the power of meaning in producing batik. The city is solo and Yogyakarta, which was first based in the palace. Here we show some meaning batik motifs.

Decorative ban and considered sacred. What was once only the king and his family are machetes damaged barong, plane and kawung. This is the motive mainstay solo and surrounding residents.

Sidomukti, bridal wear. Sido means continuously and mukti means live well. That the end – the end is widely used as a uniform fabric.

Truntum, bridal wear parents. Truntum means lead, meaning parents lead the bride into the new life. Usually in the form of red mittens or in pairs between the parents.

Satria Manah, groom wear guardian when proposed. With the hope that the application of the man can be well received by the female. An intelligent meaning that becomes a habit wong solo.

Semen Rante, the bride’s guardian used when accepting applications. The chain represents a bond strong. With the expectation that if the application has been received, the women want a strong and solid relationship which can not be separated anymore.

For detail about Jual batik tulis, whatsapp to +62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir.

Batik fabric Rotterdam from solo, cheap price with the cap ( Batik cap )

Cheap batik cloth cap genuine solo. When the cloth batik printing products flooding the town solo, we always survive. This is a form of our dedication in the field of Indonesian batik. A tradition that has been very strong with solo civic life and surroundings.

Batik solo itself is famous for its traditional style, either in the process or processes cap he wrote. This cloth material itself is still using local materials, such as materials for dyeing batik using materials from Soga Java, while the famous solo batik patterns in Indonesia is Sidomukti patterns and patterns Sidoluruh.

Collections made batik solo Laweyan residents and surrounding area. For solo, precisely located in the village area mutihan, Laweyan solo. Which we selected based on the quality of exports, and of course with a fabric that has been tested (cotton primisima).
The price range between Rp 50,000 / meter or in dollar US $ 4.00 / meter. For shipping out Indonesia using predetermined rates related parties. For the most expensive, we tag of $ 200,000 / meter or in dollars US $ 15.00 / meter. For more detailed information either through email :, or whatsapp : +62 822 6565 2222.

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